Valentine’s, Short and Long…

Planet Money put out a tribute to writers they love. It’s a cute, fun, and fast episode. Plus, you learn a few things, like the history of the Q-tip and how time travel is “the essence of finance.”  Planet Money, make this an annual thing!

Meanwhile, Tim Ferris has a long interview/Valentine with Seth Godin.  I guess I am drinking the Koolaid on one or both of these guys because I found it very interesting. “Money is a story.” Also, Seth Godin can go deep on the genre of sci fi literature. I mean, he has rules for sci fi and I respect that kind of commitment.

Any other sweet podcasts I’m missing? Let me know!



“Then I went and made a bad movie…”

This amazing Jamie Foxx interview on the Tim Ferriss Show has wrecked/made my day.

I had planned to write about how you don’t have to subscribe to podcasts. You don’t have to listen to every episode, except Serial Season 1.  You can just dip in, check out a few episodes, and leave.

I had done that with the Tim Ferriss Show. I’m not a regular listener but there was one episode I really liked. So I went back to find it. Scrolling through, I saw an episode in which Tim interviews Jamie Foxx. Except…

Except Tim doesn’t interview Jamie. Jamie Foxx talks and talks and tells amazing stories that end with “and that kid was Jay-Z” and “Then I went and made a bad movie” or “Ed Sheeran slept on that carpet.”

Amazing life story. Who knew?