In Praise of Dailies and Michael Barbaro

I am enjoying this new trend of daily news podcasts and I hope this trend grows and continues.

The New York Times has an excellent daily podcast called, The Daily. Find it on the  NYT homepage.  I like a quick update on the news, I like a quick in-depth look at the news which this podcast provides and I like the host, Michael Barbaro. He is calm, inquisitive and self-deprecating. The loose, behind-the-scenes feel of this podcast is very enjoyable. And it is usually short. Hooray!

NPR First Listen also offers a quick, daily look at the news. This is one gives a better broad over view and is great for catching up what happened yesterday.

This trend of dailies makes me wonder if we are experiencing what is was like to have two newspapers published a day. I would love an evening news wrap-up podcast, though I know that could be hard. Someone, anyone? CNN?


Deep dive for Harry Potter fans…

For Harry Potter fans, two podcasts of note.

One analyzes Harry Potter as a text. And finds some deep meaning in it.

This is Harry Potter and Sacred Text. I think all my clergy peeps and anyone who likes an in-depth critical analysis will too.

The other is less about Harry Potter than about someone in the Potter Universe.

Criminal interviews the founder and head of Potter-site Leaky Cauldron about her experience being stalked for eight years. Ugh. Where’s the spell to make that go away?

New Season of Start-Up!

Yay! The new season of Start-Up starts tomorrow, April 14th.

The previous two seasons have been very well-produced and just fun to listen to. The first two seasons followed one company starting a business. This season is not going to be so linear, but I have faith. And now that I am living in the land of start-ups (my neighbor has one, my other neighbor works for one, etc) I’m especially interested to hear about start-ups.


Podcasts for Creatives…

Suddenly, it seems like there are many podcasts for creative people, or people with creative interests. Yay! I’ll bring a few to you one at a time.

Your Creative Push is a podcast that interviews artists of all types about their creative process.  The podcast is fairly straightforward: intro of the artist, interview, then a last tip from the artist about pushing your creativity. The Diana Galbadon interview is excellent. Some of the others can get a bit long.  But all are good for inspiring us creative types, and the host does a good job of not inserting himself into the topic.

One nice thing about this podcast is its website. Here you find more information about the artists interviewed, including artwork if they are visual artists. What a great way to discover new art!

Go get pushed.



For Book Clubbers…

Here comes a new podcast about books, Clubbing with Mom. A mother-daughter team review and discuss books. It’s fun, and I really enjoyed the mom’s insights as she looked back on her life in relation to the book, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?  Looking forward to more…

No website yet but look it up on iTunes…

I want to like this one…

…but I’m struggling.

40+ Fitness is  a podcast that is about getting fit and being fit for those of us over 40.

I like its format–just 10-15 minutes long and I like the variety of topics. The production values have improved. The host no longer sounds like he is recording in a closet.

But the host Allan Misner has a laconic, slow-talking manner that makes me sleepy…Perhaps I’m used to trainers or fit people shouting at me?

If you want to recommend a nice, short, easily-digestible fitness podcast, let me know!