The Art of Talking about Art

I was excited to hear Abbi Jacobson of Broad City fame was launching a podcast. I was even more excited to hear it was about art. Abbi is from a family of artists, went to art school, and is herself an illustrator.

Her podcast is called A Piece of Work. The podcast takes us into the MoMA to experience the art, talk to curators, and hang with Abbi’s celeb friends.

I listened to the first episode. It’s pretty good. Abbi knows her stuff, and more importantly, cares about her stuff. She cares about art.

Listening to A Piece of Work sent me looking for more art podcasts. Thin pickings!

State of the Arts was a good one. Two art historians talking in-depth about art (with almost no chitty chatty filler!) Alas, it is no longer producing new episodes. (For the old episodes, click here) 

Art History Babes seems more chat than in-depth discussion but it can be fun. Art Talk from radio station KRCW is good and blessedly brief.  I haven’t tried Dr. Great Art but I look forward to doing so. Maybe Jerry Saltz will jump in and do one?

Got an art podcast for me to try?

Deep dive for Harry Potter fans…

For Harry Potter fans, two podcasts of note.

One analyzes Harry Potter as a text. And finds some deep meaning in it.

This is Harry Potter and Sacred Text. I think all my clergy peeps and anyone who likes an in-depth critical analysis will too.

The other is less about Harry Potter than about someone in the Potter Universe.

Criminal interviews the founder and head of Potter-site Leaky Cauldron about her experience being stalked for eight years. Ugh. Where’s the spell to make that go away?

Valentine’s, Short and Long…

Planet Money put out a tribute to writers they love. It’s a cute, fun, and fast episode. Plus, you learn a few things, like the history of the Q-tip and how time travel is “the essence of finance.”  Planet Money, make this an annual thing!

Meanwhile, Tim Ferris has a long interview/Valentine with Seth Godin.  I guess I am drinking the Koolaid on one or both of these guys because I found it very interesting. “Money is a story.” Also, Seth Godin can go deep on the genre of sci fi literature. I mean, he has rules for sci fi and I respect that kind of commitment.

Any other sweet podcasts I’m missing? Let me know!



“Then I went and made a bad movie…”

This amazing Jamie Foxx interview on the Tim Ferriss Show has wrecked/made my day.

I had planned to write about how you don’t have to subscribe to podcasts. You don’t have to listen to every episode, except Serial Season 1.  You can just dip in, check out a few episodes, and leave.

I had done that with the Tim Ferriss Show. I’m not a regular listener but there was one episode I really liked. So I went back to find it. Scrolling through, I saw an episode in which Tim interviews Jamie Foxx. Except…

Except Tim doesn’t interview Jamie. Jamie Foxx talks and talks and tells amazing stories that end with “and that kid was Jay-Z” and “Then I went and made a bad movie” or “Ed Sheeran slept on that carpet.”

Amazing life story. Who knew?


Favorite Episode(s): Criminal

I was going to pick just *one* favorite episode of Criminal. I was going to pick “He’s Neutral,” a wonderful true story about the good side of human nature.

But visiting the site and browsing the episodes, I found myself thinking, “Oh, loved that one,” “Oh, that’s a really good one.”  Criminal is not Serial on a variety of topics. It’s stories about interesting and unusual crimes and criminals, and criminal detection.  It’s interesting and funny and sweet and sad.  It’s well-produced without a lot of fluff.

So browse the Criminal site and see what interests you there.

A few others I like: Ex Libris  (about a book theif,)  Gil from London (is your mom dating?), and Pearl Bryan (a crime becomes folklore).

What’s your favorite episode?


When You Need (Imaginary) Friends…

Like when you have moved across the country to a place where you don’t have any friends…That’s when imaginary friends can come in handy. Podcasts are a great resource for this, a friendly place where you can check in and laugh, where they talk about the type of things you’re interested in (tv, movies, current events, Kanye’s Twitter feud–wait a minute…) in a way that I’m interested in (serious to semi-serious to funny).

Here’s a quick list of some podcasts that for me feel like listening in on friends. Jam SessionCall Your GirlfriendHis & HersHappier

I used to be big on Slate Double X Gabfest, but I’m taking a break. It can be a bit too one-note for me…

Of course your imaginary friends may differ. Who are your podcast friends?



Too Much Kanye

I listen to gossip apparently. I know this because at least 3 podcasts I listened to this week  highlighted the most recent Kanye West twitter feud.

I do like gossip.  There are times when that’s what I want to hear. Some entertaining people chatting about current events. But enough is enough, even for me….I changed over to State of the Arts for a fascinating discussion on conservation.

Gossip I listened to this week:  Call Your GirlfriendJam Session, and I think the third was Jalen and Jacoby.