Want Information Overload to Disappear?

I posted about Note to Self & Infomagical Challenge before, but want to do it again as they just had their results show.

Note to Self is a podcast that tackles tech issues and tries to make them human. The Infomagical Challenge was set up to specifically tackle the feeling of information overload.

It’s a challenge you can sign up for, or just follow along. They assign specific tasks, goals, etc. then follow up with encouraging texts, emails, and a newsletter.  25,000 people signed up! Not only is that cool but it provided data points for researches to see who hit what goal and how.

I like the practicality of this podcast. Many episodes are short and usually very entertaining. Plus, real strategies for handling media. So give it a try. Or a listen.

Note to Self Infomagical Challenge

Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up Your Phone

A tech show called Note to Self is running a short series on getting a handle on technology, called Infomagical Challenge.  Some good stuff here, including FOMO vs JOMO and ways to stop being overwhelmed by technology.

I like the episode based on Marie Kondo’s life-changing magic of tidying up as applied to your phone. Simply active the apps on your phone, touch each one and decide if it brings your joy. No? Delete it!  Hilariously, the reporter who does this gets his apps down to an impressive…81. 81!!!

Bonus points for this series for being short, 7 -15 minutes a piece. You can get through these quickly.