The Art of Talking about Art

I was excited to hear Abbi Jacobson of Broad City fame was launching a podcast. I was even more excited to hear it was about art. Abbi is from a family of artists, went to art school, and is herself an illustrator.

Her podcast is called A Piece of Work. The podcast takes us into the MoMA to experience the art, talk to curators, and hang with Abbi’s celeb friends.

I listened to the first episode. It’s pretty good. Abbi knows her stuff, and more importantly, cares about her stuff. She cares about art.

Listening to A Piece of Work sent me looking for more art podcasts. Thin pickings!

State of the Arts was a good one. Two art historians talking in-depth about art (with almost no chitty chatty filler!) Alas, it is no longer producing new episodes. (For the old episodes, click here) 

Art History Babes seems more chat than in-depth discussion but it can be fun. Art Talk from radio station KRCW is good and blessedly brief.  I haven’t tried Dr. Great Art but I look forward to doing so. Maybe Jerry Saltz will jump in and do one?

Got an art podcast for me to try?

What Do You Want from a Podcast?

Me, I want one of two of things: entertainment or education.  I want to relax or I want to learn.

I listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning the house or doing yardwork. That’s when I want to be entertained. Something light and fluffy and current. I turn to Bitch SeshJam Session, or one of the cultural review podcasts such as Pop Culture Happy Hour.  It’s like tuning into a conversation with friends as we talk about what we’ve been watching or reading.

On long car trip or walks, I want my mind to grow, or even be blown.  That’s when I tune into Stuff You Missed in History Class or Criminal.

There seem to be more of the latter, more deep learning podcasts. Which is great. But I need my fluff. Perhaps my problem is too much of the fluff is indeed too much fluff. For example, Who Weekly? is a lot of fun and should appeal to me. It’s just two people talking about famous people. I should like this and often do, but at times the two hosts spend way too much time goofing with each other.  This is my most repeated criticism of podcasts: too much time goofing around, not enough time on content.  If your content is goofing off, it’s not the podcast for me.

What’s your fluff listen?