When You Need (Imaginary) Friends…

Like when you have moved across the country to a place where you don’t have any friends…That’s when imaginary friends can come in handy. Podcasts are a great resource for this, a friendly place where you can check in and laugh, where they talk about the type of things you’re interested in (tv, movies, current events, Kanye’s Twitter feud–wait a minute…) in a way that I’m interested in (serious to semi-serious to funny).

Here’s a quick list of some podcasts that for me feel like listening in on friends. Jam SessionCall Your GirlfriendHis & HersHappier

I used to be big on Slate Double X Gabfest, but I’m taking a break. It can be a bit too one-note for me…

Of course your imaginary friends may differ. Who are your podcast friends?



Call Your Girlfriend…right now!

Some podcasts are like listening in to a really good conversation. Sometimes, instead of learning something or experiencing something via a podcast, I just want to listen and laugh.

The podcast Call Your Girlfriend (http://callyourgirlfriend.com) is perfect for that. It’s a podcast for “long distance besties everywhere” and features, you got it, two best friends who just hang out and discuss all manor of things, but mostly pop culture.

The two best friends, Ann and Aminatou, are hilarious. Their guests are also good. From one episode, I learned all about K-Drama, Korean dramas on tv. Now I want to watch them. And call one of the girlfriends to discuss.