In Praise of Dailies and Michael Barbaro

I am enjoying this new trend of daily news podcasts and I hope this trend grows and continues.

The New York Times has an excellent daily podcast called, The Daily. Find it on the  NYT homepage.  I like a quick update on the news, I like a quick in-depth look at the news which this podcast provides and I like the host, Michael Barbaro. He is calm, inquisitive and self-deprecating. The loose, behind-the-scenes feel of this podcast is very enjoyable. And it is usually short. Hooray!

NPR First Listen also offers a quick, daily look at the news. This is one gives a better broad over view and is great for catching up what happened yesterday.

This trend of dailies makes me wonder if we are experiencing what is was like to have two newspapers published a day. I would love an evening news wrap-up podcast, though I know that could be hard. Someone, anyone? CNN?


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