What Do You Want from a Podcast?

Me, I want one of two of things: entertainment or education.  I want to relax or I want to learn.

I listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning the house or doing yardwork. That’s when I want to be entertained. Something light and fluffy and current. I turn to Bitch SeshJam Session, or one of the cultural review podcasts such as Pop Culture Happy Hour.  It’s like tuning into a conversation with friends as we talk about what we’ve been watching or reading.

On long car trip or walks, I want my mind to grow, or even be blown.  That’s when I tune into Stuff You Missed in History Class or Criminal.

There seem to be more of the latter, more deep learning podcasts. Which is great. But I need my fluff. Perhaps my problem is too much of the fluff is indeed too much fluff. For example, Who Weekly? is a lot of fun and should appeal to me. It’s just two people talking about famous people. I should like this and often do, but at times the two hosts spend way too much time goofing with each other.  This is my most repeated criticism of podcasts: too much time goofing around, not enough time on content.  If your content is goofing off, it’s not the podcast for me.

What’s your fluff listen?

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