I want to like this one…

…but I’m struggling.

40+ Fitness is  a podcast that is about getting fit and being fit for those of us over 40.

I like its format–just 10-15 minutes long and I like the variety of topics. The production values have improved. The host no longer sounds like he is recording in a closet.

But the host Allan Misner has a laconic, slow-talking manner that makes me sleepy…Perhaps I’m used to trainers or fit people shouting at me?

If you want to recommend a nice, short, easily-digestible fitness podcast, let me know!

One thought on “I want to like this one…

  1. I guess I should Google myself more often. I came across this post and appreciate the feedback. I’ve made some changes to the show (mixing in interviews and solo shows) and I hope that I’ve improved the quality even more. Again, I really do appreciate the feedback and hope you’ll give us another listen.


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