The Mystery of Serial Season 2

There are those that like it. My friend Joel finds it more interesting than the first, and Joel’s got good taste.  A lot of people on this Reddit thread like it.

But where’s the talk about it?  The articles, the tweets, the buzz? This season is clearly not as buzzy as Season 1, which was a real live, honest-to-goodness phenomenon.  When Season 2 started, there was a lot of articles. Since then…not much…

Me, I tried. I find the political situation in Afghanistan interesting. I find the military aspects interesting. I do not find Bowe Bergdahl very interesting.  Episode 4 was the most interesting for me, probably because it had less Bowe in it.  Episode 4 got into how the military handles personnel recovery, the bureaucracy behind it, and so on. Interesting. Then, Bo’s friend Kathy tries to file a missing person’s report on him in Portland. And…I’m out.

I get that Serial is not going to be a whodunit every season, though starting your podcast with a whodunit will set up that expectation.  It is very well-produced, even using someone else’s interview.  I don’t care that the show is coming out every other week, although that’s only adding up to one more episode.

I’ll check back in, I guess. Or just wait for Season 3.

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