Presidents & Politics

Just in time for the Iowa Caucus, I’m checking in on some podcasts about US presidents and US presidential elections.

Presidential Podcast by the Washington Post takes a long look at each of the 44 presidents, using a wealth of WashPost resources–Bob Woodward!–to do so.

I wish this was better. But it meanders and wanders, on a timeline, away from a timeline.  There is some real meaty content: WashPost reporters who have covered presidents and contrasting their opinions of more recent presidents with the earlier ones. The academics brought in to discuss early presidents are interesting, and there is twinkly fiddle music to indicate history.

Election College looks at the elections. It’s a bit cheeky, and a bit low-key, but it’s fun to dip in and out of episodes according to what interests you.   There is twinkly fiddle (mandolin?) music, because history.

10 American Presidents is a podcast about just that, 10 American presidents. Each podcast features is done by a different reporter, historian or podcaster.  Since each presenter focuses on the president that interests them the most, the podcasts feel more weighted, in-depth.  The presidents do not go in chronological order, which makes it feel scattered, but historical clips from tv and radio give a good you-are-there feeling to it. This could be good for a long drive when you need something to wake you up.

Want more? Search “president” on iTunes or your favorite podcast place.






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