Listening on the Run

There I was in my driveway this morning, in the dark, furiously scrolling through my library trying to find something to listen to…

I used to run with music, but a good podcast can keep you going too. An engaging, well-told story will make the miles fly by…

So: scroll, scroll, scroll..

I try the History of Rome Podcast, from the same guy who does the Revolutions Podcast. This is one of my all-time favorite podcast and podcasters. The content is clear, straight-forward and fascinating. But, alas, I can’t get to the beginning of the History of Rome.

I try the Washington Post Presidential Podcast but it is very slow to get to moving. Come on, I want to hear the content, not all your good intentions! I’ll have to try that again later.

Finally, something on the iTunes Podcast Store, I see Antiques Roadshow Podcast. What?

I give it a try, picking an interview with Roadshow Appraiser and antiques expert Lark Mason.

And it’s great. Moves fast and is interesting. He’s had quite a life, starting his first store at 20 and living in China studying antiques.

So what other podcast should I listen to while running?

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