“The day was fine…til it wasn’t.”

Yikes, the story of the Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888 is truly chilling.  Click here to listen

In 1888, a blizzard came up suddenly and without warning, hitting many rural areas in the West and Midwest. Schoolteachers in one-room schoolhouses, some made of sod, had to decide quickly whether to evacuate or hunker down. The snow was so thick, many children were separated from their groups, lost and died.  Hundreds of people died during the blizzard, and later due to complications from having frost-bitten limbs amputated. Yikes.

It’s a good look back, to realize how far we have come with weather forecasting. And winter apparel.

Thanks to the excellent hosts of Stuff You Missed in History Class for a good episode. Again, click right here to listen and learn.




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