We can all go to Harvard Business School…

And we should. I’m talking about the Harvard Business Review podcast.

I tiptoed around this podcast for a longtime. After all, I’d seen the hardcopy of the HBR. No pictures, no ads, no joy. Just long, dense articles full of business speak. Wouldn’t the podcast be the same?

I have no idea if the hardcopy is as good as the podcast is but I don’t plan to find out because I’m sticking with the podcast. The podcast is regularly compelling, often fascinating and very human.

Many episodes explore ideas tied to business-leadership, marketing, etc. But there are also episodes that those not in business can benefit from–taming the inner critic is one.There are also episodes with famous people: check out the one with Neil DeGrasse Tyson to hear how he maximizes his time and what fueled his ambitions.

So don’t be scared to apply. Give Harvard a try.

Download on iTunes or here http://feeds.harvardbusiness.org/harvardbusiness/ideacast

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