Listening on the Run

There I was in my driveway this morning, in the dark, furiously scrolling through my library trying to find something to listen to…

I used to run with music, but a good podcast can keep you going too. An engaging, well-told story will make the miles fly by…

So: scroll, scroll, scroll..

I try the History of Rome Podcast, from the same guy who does the Revolutions Podcast. This is one of my all-time favorite podcast and podcasters. The content is clear, straight-forward and fascinating. But, alas, I can’t get to the beginning of the History of Rome.

I try the Washington Post Presidential Podcast but it is very slow to get to moving. Come on, I want to hear the content, not all your good intentions! I’ll have to try that again later.

Finally, something on the iTunes Podcast Store, I see Antiques Roadshow Podcast. What?

I give it a try, picking an interview with Roadshow Appraiser and antiques expert Lark Mason.

And it’s great. Moves fast and is interesting. He’s had quite a life, starting his first store at 20 and living in China studying antiques.

So what other podcast should I listen to while running?

Of Trumpets & Scotch

Browsing the podcast section of iTunes this morning, I saw a podcast about trumpets, Trumpet Dynamics, and a podcast about scotch. In fact, there are several podcasts about scotch, including Scotch, Xtreme Tasting League and Scotchey Scotch Scotch Cast. (Sorry–I did not see a trumpet/scotch blend but that would be fun.)

Clearly, we are at the moment when there is a podcast for every topic under the sun.

What’s your interest? Go to iTunes and in the search bar, type that word and the word podcast beside it.  Is there a podcast for your interest? No? Start one. If you don’t, don’t worry. Give it a second and someone else will.

Happy listening!


“The day was fine…til it wasn’t.”

Yikes, the story of the Schoolhouse Blizzard of 1888 is truly chilling.  Click here to listen

In 1888, a blizzard came up suddenly and without warning, hitting many rural areas in the West and Midwest. Schoolteachers in one-room schoolhouses, some made of sod, had to decide quickly whether to evacuate or hunker down. The snow was so thick, many children were separated from their groups, lost and died.  Hundreds of people died during the blizzard, and later due to complications from having frost-bitten limbs amputated. Yikes.

It’s a good look back, to realize how far we have come with weather forecasting. And winter apparel.

Thanks to the excellent hosts of Stuff You Missed in History Class for a good episode. Again, click right here to listen and learn.




Call Your Girlfriend…right now!

Some podcasts are like listening in to a really good conversation. Sometimes, instead of learning something or experiencing something via a podcast, I just want to listen and laugh.

The podcast Call Your Girlfriend ( is perfect for that. It’s a podcast for “long distance besties everywhere” and features, you got it, two best friends who just hang out and discuss all manor of things, but mostly pop culture.

The two best friends, Ann and Aminatou, are hilarious. Their guests are also good. From one episode, I learned all about K-Drama, Korean dramas on tv. Now I want to watch them. And call one of the girlfriends to discuss.



We can all go to Harvard Business School…

And we should. I’m talking about the Harvard Business Review podcast.

I tiptoed around this podcast for a longtime. After all, I’d seen the hardcopy of the HBR. No pictures, no ads, no joy. Just long, dense articles full of business speak. Wouldn’t the podcast be the same?

I have no idea if the hardcopy is as good as the podcast is but I don’t plan to find out because I’m sticking with the podcast. The podcast is regularly compelling, often fascinating and very human.

Many episodes explore ideas tied to business-leadership, marketing, etc. But there are also episodes that those not in business can benefit from–taming the inner critic is one.There are also episodes with famous people: check out the one with Neil DeGrasse Tyson to hear how he maximizes his time and what fueled his ambitions.

So don’t be scared to apply. Give Harvard a try.

Download on iTunes or here

Podcast Joy!

I love listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are like magazines or newspapers for your ears. Dip into a quick 15-minute listen while you walk the dog or settle into a long listen. Find inspiration, find facts, find a good story and let it feed you.

And I’ll help by posting my favorite podcasts on this page